As leaders in finite element modeling and analysis, we leverage the power of FEA along with advanced CAD tools, to evaluate structures on commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, and aerospace systems. Because we go beyond routine FEA design tasks to in-depth solution development, our highly experienced engineers assess the limits of your product and develop comprehensive solutions for your design challenges. Our breadth of experience with a variety of CAD packages, including PTC Creo, Catia, Solidworks, Siemens NX, and AutoCAD, ensures that we have the resources, interoperability and knowledge base to focus our effort around your specific objectives. Because we have supported defense projects from our initial founding in 2001, our FEA and CAE processes are ‘military grade’ and every team member understands our mission to achieve design perfection.

Through advanced virtual engineering and analysis methodologies, GS Engineering delivers improved vehicle frame design, chassis components, and reconfigurable mounting systems. Iterative topology development based on known loads to a structure, not only allows for FEA but also minimizes mass and cost while increasing performance. Vehicle dynamics can also be assessed, and design prototypes tested on our in-house field testing grounds.

Our FEA/CAE team is tightly integrated with design and test activities, offering a single source for fully validated designs. From early design FEA on small systems to long-term full vehicle concepts, our team develops each element with your long-term business goals in mind. Working with the latest analysis software from ANSYS, Altair Hyperworks, nCode, and Matlab, GS Engineering’s structural analysts evaluate designs subject to complex loading conditions and environments. This ensures that your system withstands harsh treatments and can move forward from CAD, CAE, and FEA to build your product with confidence based on accurate modeling, testing, and validation.

Design Simulation
We deliver advanced engineering solutions to military and commercial transportation markets through structural design, simulation, and analysis.

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