GS Engineering provides comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering services, executed using streamlined processes, to achieve short turn around design-build solutions for vehicles from aircraft in the skies to heavy equipment in the mines below ground. From design of mechanical components to full-up mechatronic and electronic or hydraulic controls, we keep the objectives, requirements, and deadlines in clear view, with our EE and ME teams working hand-in-hand. 

With an uncommon mix of field expertise from aviation, transportation, and manufacturing industries, we design with exceptional contextual understanding of the systems around each component utilizing advanced development software. Our electrical engineers specialize in data acquisition, control systems, low level electronics, and automated test equipment. With a unique understanding of mechanical systems that utilize sensors and controls, GS Engineering offers integrated electrical engineering design with mechanical design services, providing a complete subsystem to mechanically drop into place and seamlessly plug into your communication bus.

Where key components for low-volume production aircraft are needed, our team can begin from the original OEM requirements, develop the mechanical packaging and prints, and concurrently create the PC boards, components, and control logic programming. To mechanically integrate the system, we perform mechanical design/fabrication and 3D routing of wiring harnesses. To ensure safety, we perform failure analysis and fault analysis to ensure that the system will meet requirements for aviation or ground transportation systems.

Aging aerospace and defense equipment mean obsolete components and reverse engineering. GS Engineering has a proven system to analyze the effects of more efficient modern componentry and compensates to match the original system. From adding dissipation resistors to compensating for faster rise and fall times, we ensure the final product functions both mechanically and electrically as the originals, right down to the total current draw. With performance validated, short production runs for turn-key electro-mechanical solutions can be supported with our established, vetted supply chain and AS900/ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System.

Design Engineering 
We deliver advanced solutions to military and commercial transportation markets through structural design, analysis, product development, and correlated testing services.

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