Reducing lead time is one of the most common design objectives we undertake in our numerous projects. Because our staff of engineers has roots in NASCAR, aerospace, and military vehicle development, we live and breathe rapid product development. Although rapid innovation is often imagined to take place by a creative individual, our experience has proven that careful team planning and highly coordinated group execution trumps all other approaches. 

When lead time reduction is your objective, GS Engineering understands that time and resource management is essential to meeting your expectations. Our experienced project managers excel at balancing cost, technical, and quality elements of project planning based on the defined project scope and deliverables for lead time reduction. Focusing on efficiency, our team has created time-saving automated forecasting and budgeting tools that allow for lead time reduction through fast and accurate status reports and information tracking on all aspects of your project, making certain your schedule and budget are met.

We often can cut both design and development lead time by developing front-end client specific design templates and in-house analysis tools, and drawing from a vast background of industry experience. Our engineers can efficiently provide solutions to your engineering needs while reducing lead time and future revision cycles. When it comes to testing and validation, GS Engineering has taken steps to reduce the test and data analysis cycle by deploying a mobile test trailer, equipped for wireless monitoring of your evaluation activities with custom real-time data analysis software. Our test team can provide on-the-spot analysis of dynamic test events, to determine if additional iterations are required, reducing the downstream data analysis resource requirements and improving overall project efficiency.

For reducing lead time, GS Engineering has also developed expertise in working remotely through utilization of conferencing technology and cutting-edge secure system access, facilitating a completely dedicated and focused, yet collaborative product development environment with your internal engineering staff. 

Success Story: Vehicle Testing 
GS Engineering identified vehicle vibration sources and validated vehicle package performance in a two week testing period.

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