GS Engineering maintains a staff of highly skilled engineers with experience from many different industries, including licensed professional engineers to help you solve your problems. Our experience ranges from seasoned veterans with 30+ yrs in the industry, to new college graduates just coming out of some of the country’s best schools. This allows us to continually evolve our organization in order to stay in touch with all of the latest innovations, while keeping our roots firmly planted with the engineering principles that built this company. All of our staff are qualified professionals devoted to the highest level of customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

GS Engineering employs subject matter experts of the following disciplines: mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, metallurgical engineers, test directors, test engineers, mechanical designers, engineering interns, technicians, mechanics, clerical and support staff. The collective team background encompasses professional expertise in the fields of military vehicles, professional motorsports, architectural and structural design, commercial trucks and chassis, consumer automotive, aerospace, off-highway and construction equipment, and high volume manufacturing.

Functioning as either a prime contractor or as a subcontractor to OEM’s, GS Engineering has successfully executed government and commercial contracts ranging from single component design thru total responsibility for ground-up vehicle design, often with concurrent analysis and simulation efforts.