GS Engineering was founded on the principle of solving problems with unique and novel solutions. In fact, we were recently recognized on a national level for our innovations by the Small Business Administration. Our engineers come from a broad spectrum of industries including automotive OEMs, aerospace, motorsports, specialty vehicles and academic research centers. Having this breadth of experience on our team allows us to harness solutions from a variety of viewpoints to meet your specific needs.

Unique and novel doesn't necessarily imply added complexity. The end result is oftentimes simpler, more robust, and more manufacturable than its predecessor design. And, our team is accustomed to breaking new ground with technology insertion and innovative thinking to meet challenging requirements, where readily available products and solutions are limited. Whether your goal is improving one of your current offerings or clean-sheet design of a new product our team has the experience and knowhow to help you achieve your goals.

Innovative Development
Driven by innovation, the GS Engineering team has developed, built, and tested a first of its kind, no connection forestry winch for the LogMax 7000XT timber head.

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