Expandable Mobile Garage (EMG) is a fully stocked, turnkey solution capable of being deployed in the harshest environments.


  • 159 sq. ft. of enclosed workspace
  • Deployment in under 30 minutes
  • Dual-layer insulated canvas
  • One entry door and leveling jacks 


  • Designed for internal air transport and helicopter sling lift
  • 88″ wide by 108″ long and 91.5″ high when fully stowed 
  • Weighs less than 7,000 lbs. as outfitted (10,000 lbs. maximum gross)
  • Four-way forkliftable

Electrical System

  • Powered by 110/220 VAC Diesel Generator (7 kW standby, 6.5 kW prime)
  • Military shore power capability 
  • Interior lighting system
  • Workbench mounted electrical duplex outlets with USB charging ports 
  • Umbilical electrical cords and portable exterior lighting to ensure rapid deployment 

Work Area

  • Heavy duty steel workbench with extendable surface
  • Wilton Machinist Vise (6 jaw width, 10 jaw opening)


  • Permanently mounted cabinets with custom worktop
  • Customizable storage for consumables and tools with individual locking drawers 

Air System

  • 20-gallon compressor for interior and exterior use
  • Multiple hardline interior and exterior quick connect fittings
  • Quick deployment with additional filtration for operation in dusty environments 
  • Removable 10-gallon accumulator tank (with drain) plumbed into the hardline circuit 

Portable A/C Unit

  • Easily deployable heavy-duty commercial A/C unit to control environmental conditions

Hand & Power Tools

High-quality hand tools to maximize in-field reliability. Space and power-efficient tools to extend off-grid capabilities. Standard offering includes:

  • A full complement of Snap-On tools with magnetic tray organization
  • Milwaukee power tools (18V and corded)
  • Milwaukee multiple port sequential battery chargers
  • Multimeter, amp clamp, and IR thermometer
  • Battery charger and booster
  • Sledgehammer
  • Tanker bar
  • Tire irons / Bead breaker
  • Bottle and floor jacks
  • 3 Ton aluminum jack stands
  • Vehicle creeper
  • Multiple funnels and oil drain pans
  • Tool Trays
  • Drills, taps, dies

While our standard offering can accommodate most scenarios, tools can be tailored to your mission-specific needs at the time of purchase.

Pneumatic Tools

  • 3/8 and 1/2 impacts
  • Air hammer
  • Cut off wheels
  • Right angle grinder

Welders & Torches

  • Lincoln 210 MP welder
  • Hobart Tag-A-Long kit 
  • Butane soldering iron
  • Plumbers torch with MAP gas
  • All supporting supplies, helmets, and wire


Includes a full complement of consumables to allow on-site resources to overcome in-field challenges. Standard offering includes:

  • Metric fastener assortment
  • Cotter keys 
  • E-clip, O-ring, and retaining ring kits 
  • Rivets (variety of nails and head types) 
  • Hose clamp kit 
  • Tire plug kit 
  • Electrical supplies (connectors, fuses, wire, and heat shrink)
  • Permatex RTVs 
  • Loctite kits 
  • Cut off wheels, flapper wheels, and other abrasives 
  • Sawzall blades 
  • Drill indexes
  • Gas cylinders 
  • Grease 

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