Aircraft engineering requires both a comprehensive understanding of first principle physics and extensive field knowledge of aerospace best practices. GS Engineering’s aircraft engineering team, comprised of engineers with extensive aerospace experience, is developing solutions for the next generation of fixed wing and rotary aircraft. The team’s aerospace engineering experience includes system optimization, weight reduction, and weight/strength optimization with the use of advanced materials, static and dynamic analysis, testing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and program management to provide complete on-time, light-weight solutions, within budget, while meeting your airworthiness requirements.

Engineering for aircraft and aerospace components follows our proven, effective workflow, resulting in a robust solution and an effective collaborative partnership with our client’s internal engineering resources. By effectively partnering from the concept forward, we ensure that all requirements are met or exceeded in the final design outcome. Aerospace component engineering is a core area of expertise at GS Engineering, and our solutions have been fielded in many commercial airframes. Furthermore our partnership with regional technology and manufacturing firms has resulted in numerous collaborations to solve complex aircraft engineering challenges.

Aircraft solutions, which can be seamlessly integrated, include engineering electrical and avionics systems, control panels, electro-mechanical components, and aircraft components for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. By optimizing both the material properties and the component topology, a complete and deployable solution results, with a measure of consideration for practical manufacturing considerations.  With our aircraft and electrical engineering teams in-house, our solutions are highly integrated with mechanical and electronics seamlessly considered, with mounting points and conductor routing factored into the mechanical design. This provides aircraft manufacturers with the most cost-effective and overall elegant solution, as opposed to a “design-separately” and “bolt-together” approach.  

GS Engineering’s highly skilled engineering team may be contracted to provide failure analysis of mechanical components on an as needed basis.

Aviation: Military & Commercial
Leverage our extensive lightweight knowledge through employees with diverse aviation backgrounds.

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