Commercial trucks and equipment face severe pressure from increased performance goals and many competing factors like weight reduction and market forces. With increased global competition for commercial vehicle production, comes higher time-to-market pressures requiring innovative, modular development and an engineering team that is responsive, focused, and experienced. Our commercial truck and equipment team offers comprehensive engineering resources with vast experience in commercial and specialty vehicle industries. We provide ground-up full-vehicle programs, system optimization, warranty and vehicle weight reduction, technology insertion and integration. Because commercial vehicles overlap with our decades-long history as an innovative partner on DoD heavy vehicle programs, our entire workflow and knowledge base is very well suited to this industry. Furthermore, our entire staff has experienced our mission of serving our troops in the field with the best possible innovations and robust engineering. We have maintained that end-user quality focus and service attitude, leveraging a proven track record in commercial truck and equipment development. GS Engineering utilizes a broad range of skills, talents, and tools to keep your program on-time, on-budget, and meeting your cost, weight and reliability requirements to ensure compliance with industry and regulatory standards for your specific application.

Our team can seamlessly integrate with your commercial truck development process by incorporating analysis as part of the design process. This accelerates the development process and reduces overall costs. Beyond design and analysis, GS Engineering can assist with full vehicle platform or equipment-level development. Following the design and analysis phase, our team can support post-design efforts, including prototype manufacturing, assembly and installation, and fully instrumented field testing for your commercial or specialty vehicle design and development requirements. We specialize in correlating analysis results with real-world physical data collection and testing to help you bring your product to market. By overseeing commercial truck and equipment prototype fabrication with our proven network of regional partners, we ensure that your development schedule is met and field testing can beginat a suitable, regional testing facility.

Commercial & Specialty Vehicles 
We provide ground-up vehicle design, component sources and integration, and build support for the commercial vehicle industry.

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