Military vehicle engineering succeeds only when comprehensive workflows are carried out by highly experienced and dedicated staff. Our team of seasoned experts and innovators fully understand that tracked and wheeled tactical vehicles in the military must withstand the most severe environmental conditions while operating under heavy loads. Our successful history of supporting defense vehicle programs and world-class expertise in vehicle design provide the foundation for rapid development and modular engineering of your military vehicle platform. 

Founded in 2001 with contracts to support military vehicle development, our corporate DNA and culture have remained focused on providing the warfighter with the best possible engineering and innovation for modular systems. GS Engineering has extensive experience supporting direct government military as well as OEM military vehicle clients. Whether a need arises for lightweight vehicle structures to increase performance and payload, or improved armor design for enhanced survivability, GS Engineering has delivered solutions that enable the warfighter to successfully complete their mission.

Over decades, we have maintained this attitude of dedication to the end user for commercial as well as defense-related vehicle engineering. GS Engineering employs engineers with proven, program tested backgrounds in power train development, suspension testing and optimization, vehicle simulation and tracked vehicle systems. Because military vehicles have been a continuous factor in our workload over time, we have maintained that intangible “edge” in our focus, dedication, and investment in the state-of-the-art engineering software. Our test team uses the latest technology to conduct vehicle testing and validation in accordance with military test requirements on a local, private test course or other off-site test facilities. Our manufacturing capabilities allow GS Engineering to provide prototypes through high volume production while meeting or exceeding the fielding requirements of our military clients. GS Engineering’s team can provide the optimal solution, in a timely, cost effective manner to those whose lives depend on it. 

Success Story: Bandtrack Over Tires
GS Engineering demonstrated rapid field installation and reduced maintenance with track segments, while improving mobility in mud, soft soil, and snow.

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