The mobility of off-highway vehicles can be measurably increased by a carefully planned reduction in mass. Vehicle mass reduction must be achieved, however, not by gross reduction, but through careful redistribution and, in some cases, by use of advanced lightweight materials. Mobility and mass reduction have been continuous themes for our engineering staff over the decades. By incorporating vehicle dynamics analysis into our highly tuned workflows, we examine and assess the overall effect of mass changes to stiffness and response to loads. 

By viewing agricultural and off-highway vehicles as structural systems, our team rapidly visualizes and conceives innovative approaches to re-shape or modify each component in the system. When it comes to maximizing the capability of your critical jobsite equipment, GS Engineering understands the priorities of improving vehicle mobility while achieving aggressive performance and market objectives. We have successfully completed multiple programs with a balanced focus on mass reduction, capital equipment and operating cost reduction, and compliance with emissions reduction standards. Our engineers hail from racing, defense, aerospace and commercial vehicle backgrounds and are therefore highly skilled in ground-up vehicle development, bringing design innovation and technology integration to new product initiatives for wheeled and tracked vehicles in the off-highway construction and agricultural equipment industries. 

After optimizing new component topology using advanced CAE software, we can proceed toward prototype fabrication and assembly of the new, lower-mass components. Utilizing high-strength and lightweight materials, combined with the expertise of our certified weld engineers, GS Engineering can provide lightweight solutions that maintain or enhance the structural integrity and manufacturability of your next off-highway vehicle. Field testing of the reduced-mass versions of components can be conducted on a local, private test track or at an off-highway test facility of your choice. We fully instrument the vehicle to obtain all necessary performance data to ensure that component stresses are within design requirements, while operating under realistic conditions. Furthermore, we can test mobility and dynamic response at an RMS test course, half-round, steps and lateral stability systems. Accelerate your vehicle development and reduce mass by partnering with our industry-leading team.   

Success Story: Off-Highway
GS Engineering accelerated prototype build timing by six weeks, cut cost targets by 3% showing innovative marketable product design.

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