Many fixed and rotary wing aircraft, specialized naval vessels, and critical ground systems were developed decades ago, but remain both viable and functional with ongoing maintenance and sustainment activity. When critical components become no longer supported by their original equipment manufacturer, GS Engineering steps in to redevelop these obsolete parts. Leveraging proven mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, we work from physical specimens and reverse engineer the geometry using our in-house 3D scanning technology, or work directly from original prints. If material specifications or loading definition is incomplete, our team performs structural analysis to ensure material selections are suitable to meet or exceed the original performance, with validation by prototyping and field testing services. 

Beyond the mechanical performance, obsolete hydraulic and electrical controls can likewise be developed to match the original system requirements. All inputs and outputs are carefully mapped and control behavior documented, such that our ‘new’ components behave identically to the original electronics.

Similar to changes in available materials on the mechanical side, our electrical engineering staff monitors electrical component design and adapts the circuitry to ensure that modern and miniaturized components, with potentially different responses, are utilized with any modification needed to behave consistently with original, obsolete units. Because our team is highly experienced in avionics and ground vehicle system design, the appropriate contextual engineering standards are applied and documented. 

Short run, low volume manufacturing of these redeveloped components is also available with oversight from our manufacturing engineers, and carried out through our thoroughly vetted and performance-proven supply chain. Our clients rest assured knowing that GS Engineering and our entire supply chain are AS9100 / ISO9001 certified, delivering quality that surpasses the most stringent standards.

Obsolescence Engineering
Utilizing diverse engineering talent and manufacturing experience to reverse engineer components and systems when technical data is available. 

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