Reliability in off-highway equipment demands engineering that is both robust in analysis and elegant in design. The forestry winch developed by GS Engineering embodies these characteristics and is a paragon of reliability engineering.  Elegant simplicity is often the driver of reliability, and the Forestry Winch follows that paradigm, as the first no-connection, patent pending winch available to the forestry market. 

Initially configured to fit the LogMax 7000XT timber head, the design can be adapted to any timber head, with our trademark technology integration and flexible approach underlying the very concept. 

Robust by design and centered on the needs of foresters, this winch is attached and operated without additional connections. The modularity of the winch allows it to be picked up from any surface and operated by the rollers on the timber head. Thus no changes are required to the vehicle, processor, hydraulic lines, or programming, unless you request custom functionality. 

Because profitability in timber harvesting requires efficient operations, the ability to quickly and reliably grasp the winch, haul in the load, and then drop the winch and return to harvesting allows unprecedented speed and efficiency. With reliability engineering at its core, the Forestry Winch eliminates the many possible failure modes that hinder traditional winch systems, such as faulty or corroded electrical connections and hydraulic leaks. 

The winch capabilities include: fast connect/dis-connect, 10,000 lbs max winch force, 50 ft/min winch speed, 200’-300’ winch line, adjustable speed, 1200 lb weight, operates with existing controls, and haul back winch cable option. Because reliability and safety remain the primary concerns of foresters, the Forestry Winch embodies robust engineering design and a hands-off connection. Reliability engineering has been a core focus of our many years developing solutions for the US DoD, where our mission was to support our troops with the most robust and efficient designs available. This philosophy continues to shape our engineering services today, with reliability being a central tenet of most projects. Check out the video of our Forestry Winch and let our team solve your challenges with a reliable, robust solution.  

Forestry Winch Development
GS Engineering has developed, built, and tested a first of it's kind, no connection forestry winch for the LogMax 7000XT timber head.

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