GS Engineering has designed the first no-connection, patent pending winch available to the forestry market. This initial winch was designed to fit the LogMax 7000XT timber head. With the technology integration and flexible design, a versatile forestry winch may be adapted to your timber head.

This winch is attached and operated without additional connections. The modularity of the winch allows it to be picked up from any surface and operated by the rollers on the timber head. Thus no changes are required to the vehicle, processor, hydraulic lines, programming (unless desired).

The winch capabilities include: fast connect/dis-connect, 10,000 lbs max winch force, 50 ft/min winch speed, 200’-300’ winch line, adjustable speed, 1200 lb weight, operates with existing controls, and haul back winch cable option.

Forestry Winch Development
GS Engineering has developed, built, and tested a first of it's kind, no connection forestry winch for the LogMax 7000XT timber head.

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