Through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, GS Engineering was challenged to develop and integrate lightweight materials, manufacturing and assembly technologies and novel vehicle structural design methodologies for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

This program resulted in the development of structurally optimized and economical end-use components meeting the required strength, stiffness, and fatigue properties, while achieving measureable reductions in individual component weight. Prominent to the lightweight design methodology for this SBIR were purpose-built extrusion profiles, providing selective structural reinforcement, in combination with deliberate material reduction in specific cross-sectional areas.

Application of lightweight aluminum extrusion technology also provided the foundation for enhanced modularity and re-configurability of numerous add-on components and equipment. The benefits of reduced vehicle weight through this SBIR, included tangible increases in vehicle speed and performance, improved reliability and fuel mileage, reduced maintenance costs, and increased cargo carrying capability in critical field operations.

In May of 2013, GS Engineering received a Tibbett’s award from the Small Business Administration at the White House for the work on this SBIR. This award recognized the critical role GS Engineering has in research and development for the government, success in driving innovation, and creating new jobs. GS Engineering was one of only 18 companies recognized in 2013 and the only company in the Midwest to receive such recognition.

GS Engineering has successfully adapted this lightweight technology and design methodology to other vehicle platforms from ATVs to MRAPs and pickup trucks. GS Engineering can integrate this lightweight technology into your vehicle platform or customize it to meet your specific requirements.