Lightweight solutions remain central to the overall engineering challenges facing our mobility industries and defense sector. By developing lightweight design concepts and practical solutions, GS Engineering improves the useability and efficiency of military and commercial vehicles. For example, our Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack was developed for the most extreme military applications, and is currently fielded in theater. This unique lightweight jack solution is now available to meet your toughest commercial needs.  GS Engineering’s Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack has been optimized for maximum lifting capacity ranging from 7 to 10 tons in a lightweight and compact package that is quick and easy to deploy! This family of jacks allows for a versatile lifting range of 11 ¼” to 31” and weighs just 18 to 22 lbs.

In designing every component for optimized weight, we reduce cross section except where it is needed, solving both the topology of each element and the overall product plan. Lightweight materials are then brought to bear, with properties developed through internal resources and external researchers in Materials Science and Engineering at Michigan Technological University.  The Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack and other products we design, are then ‘virtually tested’ using advanced CAE software for combined loading to ensure that the light weight solution remains robust and reliable. 

Before deploying the lightweight design, prototypes are manufactured and field-tested with full instrumentation. This allows for actual strains to be measured and compared with analytical values. Weight reduction is achieved without sacrificing performance.

GS Engineering has proven production capabilities, and is prepared to meet additional high-volume production needs while maintaining the highest of quality standards. This family of jacks has been tested to MIL (sand, dust, and corrosion), DoD, and ANSI standards (vehicle lifting), and ASME (safety for automotive lifting devices). The lightweight system is also scalable to meet increased weight capacity or reduced lifting requirements. Additional options and custom configurations can be easily provided to satisfy the needs of specific client vehicle platforms, including a lightweight base-plate and lifting saddle. 

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