Bridging the gap

Traditional bridging and gap-defeat equipment may not be available to units operating ultralight combat vehicles due to the severe miss-match of size, weight, speed, and transportability between the typically large and slow bridging equipment and a small vehicle such as ISV or GMV. This places the burden of traversing obstacles on personnel embarked on the lightweight vehicle systems themselves.

GS Engineering has developed a launching system and bridge module to close this capability gap and meet the needs of ultralight combat vehicle users. Developed with the Polaris DAGOR as a host vehicle, this system is fully capable of providing a gap defeat capability which is a match to the vehicle in capacity, transportability, mobility, speed of deployment/retrieval, and ease of use.

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Agile Bridging Solution

The companion bridge module, at 13' long and 6'8" feet wide, has sufficient capacity for vehicles of 12,500 lbs GVW such as JLTV, GMV, ISV, ATVs, NSCV as well as many commercial pickup trucks/SUVs.

APPLICATION: Ultralight Combat Vehicles
SYSTEM WEIGHT: 1,800lbs (1,000lbs bridge weight)
BRIDGE Capacity: 12,500 lb GVW, 7000 lb axle


  • Launch or retrieve in 60 seconds or less
  • C130 Transportable
  • Meets Assault Bridging Requirements

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