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Promethient turned to GS Engineering to ensure their product was robust and ready for the rigors of the real world and stand up to the multitudes of requirements, production-level specifications, and rounds of testing. 

GS Engineering’s expertise in automotive electronics coupled with Promethient’s proficiency with thermoelectronics and nanomaterials enabled the team to efficiently work to meet the OEM system requirements. Through our partnership, we were able to create a superior design in a shorter time than either company could achieve on their own. From the hardware built to last in long, hot summer days and freezing winter nights to the manufacturing of the circuit board, we meticulously checked every component for successful performance.

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From Lab to Market 

Applying our expertise in the automotive electronics industry, we helped the customer: 

  • Identify the requirements
  • Simulate the system 
  • Analyze failure modes and mitigate risks
  • Finalize the control software to optimize functions 
  • Enhance operation ease  
  • Validate the hardware and software
  • Hit the road

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