Lightweight materials are steadily displacing traditional materials across the transportation markets. By reducing mass through advanced materials and design, GS Engineering develops lightweight solutions for clients in aviation, commercial and specialty vehicles, government and OEMs, as well as off-highway and agricultural applications. ‘Lightweighting’ begins with mass and cost targets, and we employ simulation tools such as CAD, finite element analysis (FEA), and topology optimization to develop a number of potential material and design solutions quickly. Concurrently, GS Engineering's metallurgical engineers are providing material properties that correspond to the most applicable manufacturing processes. 

When creating new materials for lightweight design, the first deliverable to the client is a matrix of solutions that compare manufacturing methods – such as composite layups, extrusions, castings, forgings, or fabrications- and production volumes, timelines, and cost to help the client visualize the overall cost-benefit analysis of each material selection. Once a design approach is chosen, GS Engineering develops a prototype part, integrates it for end use, and performs a variety of instrumented field tests to ensure that the lightweight design meets performance and safety requirements.

An example of advanced lightweight materials engineering was our development of an aluminum metal matrix composite (MMC) reinforced brake drum that is 45% lighter than the standard iron drum. In this effort, our engineers were responsible for the design, analysis, ceramic preform material development, material selection, consultation on casting, heat treat, machining, dynamometer testing, and the material testing and analysis. 

GS Engineering orchestrates the three-way relationship of design, materials, and manufacturing for weight reduction by partnering with proven material production companies in support of clients across a range of markets and applications. In addition to weight reduction programs, GS Engineering assists clients with application engineering in the areas of ballistic materials, new casting alloys, wear resistant coatings, and ceramic processing technology development.