Cost reduction through effective engineering is a core function of many projects at GS Engineering. Because every ounce of savings in mass and cost directly benefits our client’s bottom line, we pursue efficiency in nearly all phases of the design cycle.  By focusing on cost reduction while maintaining or even improving product quality and durability, we demonstrate our role as integrated and valued partners in product development. Cost reduction as a goal can be achieved through taking entirely new and creative approaches to vehicle features or optimizing materials, manufacturing processes, and component topology. 

Reducing costs can be a complex process. GS Engineering understands the complexity of new product development and the factors that drive costs up or down. Our team is experienced in critical evaluation of design decisions to move costs down throughout the product development cycle. Through focused market surveys and competitive sourcing for COTS (commercial off the shelf) and unique design components, we have achieved significant cost reductions for both new products as well as sustainment of existing, fielded equipment.

When cost is critical, maintaining design simplicity has proven an effective approach, while properly matching the final solution to performance requirements, and therefore reducing over-design, to maintain or reduce costs.

GS Engineering draws from experience across multiple industries to provide cost effective design solutions focused on part commonality, optimized material usage, reduced tooling investments, and optimized manufacturing processes. GS Engineering provides a cost-effective solution for product development programs with aggressive budgets and product cost targets for introduction to the market.