GS Engineering understands the complexity of new product development and the factors that drive costs up. Our team is experienced in critical evaluation of design decisions to drive costs down. Through focused market surveys and competitive sourcing for both COTS (commercial off the shelf) and unique design components, we have achieved significant cost reductions for both new products as well as sustainment of existing fielded equipment. When cost is critical, maintaining design simplicity has proven an effective approach, while properly matching the final solution to performance requirements and therefore reducing over-design.

The broad industry experience of our collective team brings a vast knowledge base of product design methods and vehicle technologies, applicable to many different needs. When coupled with a diligence to maximize part commonality, design methodologies to optimize material usage and reduce tooling investments, and an understanding of manufacturing process feasibility for alignment to anticipated production volumes, GS Engineering can provide a cost effective solution for product development programs with aggressive budgets and product cost targets for introduction to the market.

Success Story: Cost Reduction
Conceptual design, iterative design, competitive component research. 

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