Structural optimization in vehicle design requires a comprehensive understanding of many complex factors. A clear understanding of real-life load cases is required in order to achieve specific goals such as vehicle durability and total weight. GS Engineering has the experience, both analytically and through empirical data obtained through in-house testing to provide accurate dynamic load cases. We can then utilize accurate analysis results to provide design support to ensure your vehicle meets all of its technical requirements. 

Because GS Engineering employs advanced tools, we provide structural solutions that help you achieve structurally-sound parts and products utilizing the most lightweight, robust, and efficient designs possible. Our engineers have extensive experience developing structures with industry–leading topology optimization software. Our team of engineers is ready to develop your structural layout with maximum stiffness at minimum weight to optimize the complete design. 

Additionally, using structural shape optimization, we can adjust component geometry to minimize stress levels, increase product durability, and minimize risk of fatigue. Our engineers can also employ parametric design technologies coupled with CAE tools to quickly explore the design space and identify optimal design points. Thousands of alternative design iterations can be assessed in a timely manner so that your design space is thoroughly covered, ensuring your product is structurally optimized.

Once your optimal design is developed, we can further support prototype manufacturing of the structure, and test the target component, system, or full vehicle in a controlled lab or extreme test track environment. By instrumenting the structural members with strain gauges and other sensors we can accurately load the suspension, frame, and body for dynamic response to our RMS course, half-rounds, body torsion, side loads, and other driving profiles as needed. Because we have both on-road and off-road courses available we support the design of vehicle structures across commercial truck, off-highway, and defense vehicle markets.