The integration of advanced technologies within “traditional” and mature industries, such as commercial truck and off-highway vehicle development permits quantum advances in vehicle performance. Because our team has roots in the fast-paced world of NASCAR and DoD programs, we have created and introduced technologies, materials and design concepts that are game-changing and influential. Determining solutions and finding applications for integrating advanced materials, processes, and system solutions is a key strength of GS Engineering. Our organization has many years of experience developing products and introducing them to market with advanced manufacturing and material technologies. The team of design, analysis, materials, testing, manufacturing, and quality engineers are able to take a need or concept through the complete product development process into production using our supply chain management system.

Technology integration is a “second nature” mindset that results from seeking the best outcome for our clients. Because our corporate DNA lies in developing technologies for DoD, our mindset lies in supporting the warfighter or end user with the best possible design.

Along with awareness of marketplace trends and industry needs, the team at GS Engineering has in-depth technical knowledge of military vehicles, on and off-road commercial vehicles, aerospace platforms, and many other systems. This allows GS Engineering to identify innovative applications for advanced materials, cost and weight reduction concepts, and inventions that improve current systems or provide a new marketable technology solution to an existing need. Example solutions of technology integration range from modular and reconfigurable add-ons for tactical vehicles, forestry timber head pick-n-play processor attachments, to light weight advanced material replacements for legacy components.

GS Engineering partners with companies in multiple industries and areas to enhance current products through adaptive technology integration techniques and develop new products. We are a leader in technology integration and innovation as shown through the Tibbetts Award for converting Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) phase I projects into phase II & ultimately phase III production contracts.

Success Story: Seat Temperature Control
Integrating technology to bring new features for consumers demand products.

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