Durability testing of instrumented vehicles ensures that performance and safety are achieved through design modifications and failures are avoided for the end users. Design validation and verification can only be achieved with instrumented testing, and GS Engineering is well-equipped to evaluate materials, components, subsystems, and full vehicles. We test suspension systems on a paved RMS courses, vehicle dynamics and braking systems on paved courses, and verify durability and performance on a variety of obstacles and customizable off road courses based on our client’s specific vehicle testing and validation requirements. Having served military programs for decades, our staff views every durability and testing challenge as a mission, and we serve every client with our trademark dedication and focus. 

Our instrumented vehicle testing programs employ the latest technology to measure speed, displacement, acceleration, frequency, temperature, fuel consumption, and strain, along with a variety of other parameters to satisfy your validation requirements. We work with a test course that serves as an excellent option for low visibility “shake down” testing that prepares your vehicle for other high profile test events or government test facilities. By providing the upstream design support, prior to durability testing, we can stress your vehicle in a virtual space that matches the loads of an RMS course and other obstacles at the test course. 

Our comprehensive vehicle testing and validation approach, complemented by a full array of sensors and data acquisition equipment supports the development and delivery of accurate and timely results. From full vehicle tests to component-level laboratory testing and validation, GS Engineering can meet your industry-specific test requirements. From mechanical to thermal or vibrational data, our team can install the proper instrumentation and execute the test exercises quickly and efficiently.
The durability of your vehicle is crucial to long-term success, and the GS Engineering test team has the experience you can count on for rapid turnaround. Our instrumented vehicle tests have been performed for vehicle OEM’s, Prime Contractors, and Military clients with great success in a range of markets and applications. This diverse experience ensures that the data you need is measured accurately and leads us in answering your most difficult engineering questions. 

Testing & Validation
We support development and performance testing of vehicles and vehicle sub-systems at a regional, purpose-developed test facility.

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