Weight reduction for brake drums, vehicle body subframes and aerospace systems can be achieved through design optimization and material engineering. Having successfully reduced weight in products, including compartmented truck bodies and equipment retention technologies across various industries GS Engineering’s experienced team provides lightweight design solutions under the most demanding requirements resulting in higher fuel efficiency, performance, and often, improved handling. Our weight reduction design approach optimizes both material and structural efficiency while delivering a cost effective, manufactureable design solutions. Because our team often follows up on design with prototyping, our approach to weight reduction is driven by fundamental theory but grounded in practice. 

The targeted weight reduction must be balanced against the overall design requirements for stiffness, strength, corrosion resistance, and vibrational behavior. Our reductive tools include the latest software for iteratively adapting the structure and performing FEA concurrently. Weight is  removed each iteration with an update to the design, yielding an optimal mass within the overall requirements.  

Improved performance of vehicle frames and aircraft cargo storage can be achieved through weight reduction and design optimization. While obvious solutions like thinner cross sections can cut mass, the resulting impact to design performance must be considered. This trade-off in mass versus performance is best considered not strictly as cutting away material to reduce what used to exist, but rather as a redistribution of mass to the crucial areas of stress, and away from over-designed areas. This form of weight reduction is best visualized as working with clay, shifting material to the loaded cross sections, and then incrementally reducing the mass across the entire system.

To effectively reduce weight without sacrificing performance, GS Engineering employs metallurgists, mechanical engineers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers – each contributing expertise toward the overarching goal of minimizing weight.  Our diverse team produces light-weight design solutions that can give aircraft greater load carrying capacity or reduced fuel consumption and overall cost and increase mobility for ground vehicles. By leveraging our experience across a diverse set of engineering backgrounds, your system’s mass can be minimized as all lightweight options are evaluated.